Method and Logic of User Experience Design

user experience design

Pittsburgh User Experience Design Agency Delivering The Thinking Behind The Doing For Global Clients

  • Information Architecture

    Silent Converting Force

    The real hero of any interactive experience is the prospect, not the marketer. Elliance IA teams architect each experience to provide meaningful answers, anticipate next steps and speed customers to task completion and brand preference, so that the hero can realize his/her goal.

  • Conversion Architecture

    Timing is Everything

    Orchestrating user and business goals, persuasion, and brand strengths into well-tuned conversion architecture ultimately justifies the time and investment of a world-class website. Elliance excels at the nuanced art of conversion by recognizing the precise needs of prospects at various points in the decision funnel. Ask too early, and you will be perceived as desperate; ask too late, and you will have missed the sale.

  • Interaction Design

    Form Follows Function

    In the same way that concise writing leaves no trace of the writer, great interaction designs are invisible — users feel no friction or presence of the designer’s hand. For Elliance, every project creates an opportunity to build seamless interactions that help achieve increasingly complex user needs and goals.

  • Usability Testing

    Proof of Value

    Judicious testing and careful listening to right-fit prospects gives confidence to project launches. With usability evaluations and testing methods, Elliance ensures interfaces and content organization provide value via task completion exercises, path analysis and first impression testing. This adds certainty that your final product will exceed your prospect's expectations.

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