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Research: Insights for Data-Driven Marketing

  • Qualitative

    Good Questions Beat Good Answers

    After learning everything we can about your brand from your plans, web, search, social and PR, we hold one on one interviews with stakeholders. We make no assumptions and ask questions that internal teams may be uncomfortable asking. We listen for the nuance and insight that allows us to find the diamonds in the rough.

  • Benchmarks

    Legs Under Our Intuitions

    Elliance team tests assumptions, biases and myths against numbers we glean from toolkits provided by search engines, social media companies, PR2.0 players, and data aggregators. We hunt for opportunities for low-hanging gains, signs of legacy at risk, and momentum. These give us the confidence to put together solid plans.

  • Quantitative

    Unearthing Surprises

    For sure, quantitative reduces the risk of major investments. Remember you can only measure what exists, not what doesn’t exist yet. Also, quantitative may point to challenges, which may require extraordinary courage. The road to riches is not an easy one. Elliance team will report the results, but also challenge you to rise to the challenges.

  • Key Performance Indicators

    Ultimate Measures of Success

    Every business has KPI's; for instance, for higher education, it is the enrollment, reputation and giving KPI's; and for manufacturers, it is the sales funnel. Getting a handle on the KPI's enables us to detect problems, provide wise counsel and shape our plans to impact the underlying KPI's.

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