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Metrics for the Data-driven Marketing Era

  • Campaign Metrics

    Post-Impression to Post-Click World

    In the last decade, Google forced the end of impression-based metrics replacing them with performance-based metrics. Marketers now focus on metrics such as cost-per-acquisition, cost-per-conversion, trial rates, take rates, and conversion rates. As we adopt ad suppression technologies, we will see yet another set of metrics.

  • Marketing Metrics


    Overwhelmed senior marketers frequently seek Elliance counsel on a daunting question: how do we divvy up our budget between so many marketing channels? The Elliance team has helped senior marketers answer this critical question based on industry benchmarks, cross industry experience, and a deep analysis of client stakeholders.

  • Reputation Metrics

    Democratized Analytics & Metrics

    The interactive world with its amazing analytic tools has initiated a new arms race for marketing metrics. The expensive market research studies of the bygone era have been replaced with easy-to-assemble benchmarks for search engine rankings, brand strength, sentiment rankings, WOM rates, PageRank, and social engagement.

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