Inbound Marketing Builds An Enduring Foundation

Paid & Inbound Marketing Chart.

Inbound Marketing: Building Trust.

  • Content Creation

    Content Is Still King

    Inbound marketing involves the continuous creation of relevant and high quality content, such as articles, social posts, blog posts, videos, infographics, white papers, and press releases. Elliance team excels at creating authentic, brand-inspired content that is share-worthy.

  • Content Optimization

    Make Your Content Productive

    We start with a Keyword Guide that contains all the prioritized keywords that rightfully belong to you. The goal: to embed them gracefully into the new content so we can secure top rankings on search engines and social search. Brand-inspired optimized content is the secret of our client successes.

  • Content Sharing

    Lighting The Firewood

    Getting the brand ambassadors and influencers to talk is now more important than speaking up. Once the content is created, the Elliance team sparks conversations on social media and blogs, and seeks to have customers and influencers share it with their networks. To reach new target prospects, Elliance promotes high-value content on social media and content discovery networks.

  • Inbound Metrics

    You Manage What You Measure

    Search engine rankings, conversations started, social shares, inquiries generated, sentiment rankings, and cost per lead/conversion are all part and parcel of inbound metrics. Our data scientists will present the numbers and the story behind the numbers. The numbers are now vital for rapid iteration of campaigns.

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