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  • Brand Strategy and Development


    Reimagining the brand starts with teasing out the brand essence from the stories of the customers, employees, partners and communities you serve. Our rational process always results in the creation of an authentic brand that captures what you do best, communicates why the whole of your organization far exceeds the sum of its parts and rallies all stakeholders to not just buy from you but buy into you.

  • Brand Walkabout


    Should you refresh, revive and relaunch the current brand? To assess the health of your current brand promise and position, we’ll review your data, conduct secondary research, visit your facilities, and conduct interviews. In a short few weeks, we’ll capture actionable insights and produce a strategic framework for leadership and brand evolution or transformation.

  • Brand Design Makeover


    Does your brand communicate, signal, speak, and animate your brand promise with wholehearted and full-throated passion that people expect and you desire? It should. Elliance will turn its highly-skilled writers, photographers, creative directors and designers on your toughest creative challenges to deliver a design makeover. You’ll secure images, content and creative direction that imbues your brand with uncommon verve and reach. 

  • Brand Care + Feeding

    Stewarding the Brand

    Finding and articulating the brand is only part of the challenge. Most brands fail because organizations lack the discipline and resolve to stay the course. The forces of entropy and decay lurk at every turn. Ongoing partnership with Elliance ensures a steady hand to guide brand maturation, so that every incarnation of the brand embodies your core values and brand essence.

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