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Technology: Passionate About Technology. Dispassionate About Tools.

  • Web Applications

    Consider it Done.

    You name it: small, medium or large scale; front end, middleware or back end; standalone, API’s or full integration. For over 4 generations of web technology, the Elliance team has cracked tough nuts of all sizes and flavors. We hire and nurture talent that writes poetic, standards-compliant, maintainable code.

  • Mobile Applications

    For On-the-go & Get-It-Done Generation

    Elliance team first helps you decide what flavor of app is right for you: native app, web app, responsive site, or HTML 5 app. Decision factors include user needs, marketing needs, budgetary constraints and functional specs. Then we simply build it using best practices for mobile design and user experience.

  • Social Applications

    People Centered World

    The web experiences are increasingly being built to have peers, friends and colleagues help each other. Soliciting and sharing opinions, stories, rankings, ratings and reviews creates social bonds in communities. Tapping into ready-made communities like Facebook, we build social applications that engage and go viral.

  • Content Management Systems

    Hot Spots & Brand Lockdown

    The Elliance CMS approach finds a balance between protecting the integrity of an enduring brand voice and the need of the prospects to receive fresh content. We typically lock down brand making portion of the website, while empowering content managers to update parts of the website that changes frequently.

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