Winning in the People-Centered World

social media marketing

Social Marketing: Winning in the People-Centered World

  • Social Media Plan

    Purpose Driven Activity

    Effort doesn’t always lead to results. Interruption and repetition are evolving. Permission and networks are precious. Elliance helps clients turn action into thoughtful action by defining goals and aligning social media activity with search engine goals and PR2.0 goals. Intentionality + regular checkpoints = tangible outcomes.

  • PR2.0 Campaigns

    Go Direct

    PR 2.0 is the science of influence by going direct to consumers and end-customers, bypassing traditional media influencers. It’s now all about starting, joining and shaping conversations. Elliance team initiates and shapes one-on-one conversations, which result in ripples of powerful word-of-mouth, and search engine rankings.

  • Social Media Campaigns

    Tapping Friends of Friends of Friends

    Everyone is carefully managing their personal reputation in their social network. Elliance creates social media campaigns that give reasons for people to feel proud, encouraging them to share their pride with their networks. And because people copy behavior of people like themselves, tapping networks is smart strategy.

  • Online Communities

    Starting is Easy. Sustaining Harder.

    Should you create private communities, or should you leverage LinkedIn groups, or Facebook pages? The answer is: it depends — on your staffing constraints, technology constraints and future goals. Elliance team extends wise counsel to clients, so they can sustain what they start. Failure is okay, success sweeter.

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