Digital Campaigns: When Performance Matters

Performance Bubbles.

Digital Campaigns: Play-to-Win Game Plan.

  • Craft Strategy

    Discover & Plan

    In the new world of channel fragmentation, it takes a whole lot of planning to realize success. Our planning stage includes audience understanding, competitor analysis, Keyword Guide, paid advertising plan, inbound marketing plan, re-targeting plan, and of course the marketing calendar.

  • Orchestrate Campaign

    Inbound & Paid

    Inbound marketing and paid advertising work well alone, but certainly more effective when invoked together. While paid marketing gives a short-term boost, inbound marketing creates an enduring foundation. Orchestration of paid and earned media is the secret sauce of Elliance.

  • Adapt Via Rapid Iteration

    Test & Focus

    We use analytics/testing to narrow winning messages and weed out losers. We rely on A/B testing to guide creative and geo-targeting refinement. Instead of solely relying on traditionally linear research-write-measure sequences, we increasingly use intuit-write-measure-adapt loops.

  • Campaign Reporting

    Analyze & Inform

    What’s working and what’s not? How does it compare to industry benchmarks? Our data scientists will present the upstream metrics and the bottom-line numbers; then our strategists will tease the meaning out of the numbers and tell the story behind them. You’ll absolutely love our insights.

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