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Invigorate Your College Brand

College Branding Agency: Crisp and Authentic Branding

Reimagining the brand starts with teasing out the brand essence from the stories of employees and best customers. Sometimes, they have to be confirmed by quantitative studies. Brand deliverables include brand essence, core promise, differentiators, values, tone, and positioning. The process always results in creation of authentic brands and destiny-changing inflection points.

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Enroll Regional, National and International Students

Enrollment Marketing Agency: More of Right Fit

In the age of search engines, social media and PR2.0, why not go beyond your own backyard and set your sights on attracting the right-fits from distant places? Elliance, one of the top recruitment and enrollment marketing agencies, ignites demand 24x7 with an authentic brand voice and top rankings in the digital ecosystem.

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Orchestrate Conversions with Websites

College Website Design Agency: Building Conversion Machines

Elliance constructs websites that drive right-fit prospects straight to the admissions funnel. Our secret: balance today's truth with emergent truth, combine facts with stories, hold the tension between various audiences and reveal the power of the brand. Our websites simply let the right-fit prospects raise their hand.

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Unlock Donations from Alumni

Higher Education Fundraising Agency: The Art of the Ask

In a world reluctant to part with their hard earned money, any point of friction in either building a case for giving or accepting payments is counter productive. Yet so many giving experiences frustrate well-meaning donors. Elliance creates frictionless giving experiences and softens the hearts of alumni by telling endearing stories.

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Higher Education Case studies

More Proof

Pursuit of the “right-fit”

St. Edward's University

Challenged by declining applicants and students in the graduate school, St. Edward's University turned to Elliance. We created landing pages and ran a paid-advertising program, both of which told a story that resonated with the right-fit students.

Acquiring the holy grail of higher education

Concordia University

Can the most elusive adult audience in higher education be motivated to raise their hands on the web? Absolutely. By ensuring that carefully written “you-can-do-it” messages appear on search engines when the reluctant adult students are exploring their options.

Become the unquestioned market leader

Heinz School at Carnegie Mellon

Heinz School at Carnegie Mellon University reversed a four-year enrollment decline, increased enrollment by 118%, raised student quality and became the unquestioned market leader for IT Leadership.

Higher Education Clients Served

  • Appalachian Bible College
  • Assumption College
  • Bryant University
  • Concordia University Irvine
  • Manchester Busines School
  • North Central College

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