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College Website Design


Can a college website design transform a college, create an inflection point, and grow enrollment, endowment and reputation? The websites we design always do. Recognized as one of the top college website design agencies, Elliance delivers ROI as measured by improved student quality, stronger Google rankings, increased giving rates, and reduced melt.

Microsites and Landing Pages


Romance prospective students and donors with high-fidelity admission and giving microsites and story landing pages that inform, enchant, delight, persuade and convert prospects. These high-fidelity experiences win hearts and minds and improve yield by distilling the argument for “why enroll’ and “why donate”.

Digital Magazine Design


The college and university flagship magazine can move the college reputation needle further and faster than any other brand signal. Vital to its success is maximizing content productivity by creating a story engine that treats each story, category and tag as a Google ranking asset instead of bundling the entire issue into a PDF or an ISSUU format.

International Websites


A great international website answers burning questions like brand reputation, promotes credibility enhancers like world-class faculty, and lets prospective students know if they will find the right balance of happiness, challenge and support while studying far away from loved ones. In English or in other languages. That’s what we build.

Higher Education Case studies

More Proof

Pursuit of the “right-fit”

St. Edward's University

Challenged by declining applicants and students in the graduate school, St. Edward's University turned to Elliance, a higher education marketing company. We created landing pages and ran a paid-advertising campaign, both of which told a story that resonated with the right-fit students.

Acquiring the holy grail of higher education

Concordia University

Can the most elusive adult audience in higher education be motivated to raise their hands on the web? Absolutely. By ensuring that carefully written “you-can-do-it” messages appear on search engines when the reluctant adult students are exploring their options.

Become the unquestioned market leader

Heinz School at Carnegie Mellon

Heinz School at Carnegie Mellon University reversed a four-year enrollment decline, increased enrollment by 118%, raised student quality and became the unquestioned market leader for IT Leadership. All with the help of Elliance’s expertise in higher education marketing.

Higher Education Clients Served

  • Appalachian Bible College
  • Assumption College
  • Bryant University
  • Concordia University Irvine
  • Manchester Busines School
  • North Central College

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