Focusing ambition is building on strengths. It's feeding the opportunities while starving problems. It’s about momentum and intentional acceleration.

Success is not democratic. A touch of autocracy helps. Being respectful to all stakeholders creates hills not mountains. In real life, only mountains stand a chance at success. We have the courage to show you the mountains and the perseverance to help you scale them.

Focusing ambition demands courage, conviction and humility, both on your part and ours. That we are not “yes-men” is well known to all our clients. That we are “re-framers” is also a well-known fact. We will give you sound arguments and supporting data, but ultimately, you will have to muster the courage to make some tough decisions.


Specialty alloys for custom applications

Sophisticated Alloys

We encouraged Sophisticated Alloys to pursue the most desirable clients—profitable, sizable and loyal—rather than accepting business from any client who knocked on their door. Elliance built the new website and newsletter with stories and facts that appeal to the ‘right-fit’ clients. The small, low margin noise calls have vanished and enviable enterprise clients are knocking on their doors.


A small giant in the making

Miller Welding

Looking at their old website, a buyer would never suspect Miller Welding is a company of giants: giant assemblies, giant robots, giant welding machines, giant laser cutters and giant paint machines. Elliance modernized their logo, and created tours that proved, beyond doubt, that the company is in fact a company of giants. Immediately, giant prospects from Sweden and Spain came knocking, asking for Miller to serve large assemblies and enter new markets in solar panel assemblies.


Bears feed where the salmon breed

College Prowler

Call them the Zagat guide for colleges, College Prowler is written by current students to help prospective students pick the perfect college for them. Elliance migrated College Prowler's 40,000 pages of over 200 college guides to a web-based subscription model. It’s matchmaking at its best.


The hub for sustainable gardening

Phipps Conservatory

In Elliance, Phipps found the partner with the courage to bring to life a vision of Phipps akin to Monterrey Bay Aquarium and Moosewood Cookbooks – geographically limited but with an unlimited vision to touch all Americans. Look for Phipps' name in your gardening and lifestyle publications.


Migrating from Enterprise to SMB markets


Bumping into limits of growth, companies like Dell, IBM, SAP and others have begun migrating from enterprises to small-medium sized companies (SMBs). Elliance, with a sharp understanding of what SMB's value, showed Cisco the way to what is now their fastest growing segment.


One degree matters


You can't become a leading B2B brand without embracing the principles of branding. Elliance showed Chromalox the way to building a brand by going beyond products: by creating a tag line, and telling a better story with a combination of compelling case studies, markets served and solution selling.