Being judged by the company you keep can be a good thing.

Sophisticated Alloys

Sophisticated Alloys - Being judged by the company you keep can be a good thing.

Those who have worked with Sophisticated Alloys knew they have an impressive array of equipment, guarantee the purity of every job and have a metallurgist available to answer questions. So how do they convey those distinct selling points to a broader audience? The answer is a new website with custom photography and persuasive copy plus search engine optimization to keep them at the top of search rankings.

Conventional Wisdom

Standard operating procedure for many manufacturing websites is simply to talk about what they do. Unfortunately, just talking about a process doesn't build trust or explain how you can help a potential client. Unless there is a cohesive brand story with facts to support the claims made on the site, the company lacks credibility. Sophisticated Alloys' client list included quality-conscious organizations such as, Boeing, General Electric, NASA and Xerox. However, their old website did not mention the types of clients they worked with or reveal the breadth and depth of their capabilities.

Elliance Perspective

Elliance saw the beauty in promoting their size. As a mid-sized manufacturer, Sophisticated Alloys is small enough to accommodate customization, yet not too small to solve enterprise problems.

First, we unearthed all the hidden gems inside the company. They had experience working with large brands; this just wasn't reflected on the website. Their list of equipment was impressive; five furnaces provided flexibility to handle jobs from grams to pounds. Their commitment to high standards was paramount; all questions were sent directly to a metallurgist. The ultimate goal became showcasing all the company accomplished in the past and let this experience speak for itself. We drew upon our experience with manufacturing website design to dig deep into what Sophisticated Alloys needed to get results.

Elliance Approach

Knowing Sophisticated Alloys planned to use SEO after the website was launched, Elliance purposely worked top keywords into the information architecture. Custom photography was used to show they could handle a wide range of jobs, thanks to their five furnaces. In order to appeal to large corporations, the bottom of the home page features a band of logos and case studies were added to the site. Site navigation was simplified and the tabs at the top of the page play on the various stages of production with images depicting raw materials, liquids and solids. Since it's rich with facts, images and a touch of persuasion, the website helps differentiate them from their competition.


Thanks to search engine optimization, Sophisticated Alloys has been able to maintain page one rankings for all five of their industry specific keywords. Since Sophisticated Alloys is ranked directly under the top ranking Wikipedia, it lifts their brand perception and identified them as a leader in this space. The company credits their new website with keeping their phones ringing during the most recent economic downturn, plus they are attracting more enterprise-level customers.


SEO keeps Sophisticated Alloys in front of prospects, and the Web Marketing Association gave the site the Manufacturing Standard of Excellence award.

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