Just-in-time makeover yields millions in ROI.

Miller Welding & Machine Co.

Miller Welding & Machine Co. - Just-in-time makeover yields millions in ROI.

How does a small metals fabrication company thrive in a “rust belt” town numbed by 25 years of economic downturn? By investing in a remarkable website that challenges tired stereotypes and clearly defines its next-generation fabrication capabilities. Now the word has spread, attracting some of the world's smartest manufacturers, from construction to automakers and a Spanish renewable energy corporation.

Conventional Wisdom

Manufacturing companies pour investment into technology and equipment to streamline production and improve quality. Yet when it comes to internal sales and marketing infrastructure, most defer to age-old sales tools and techniques, with little grasp of how interactive technology can ignite demand or orchestrate conversions. Miller Welding had invested millions into fabrication technology and training, but its former website failed to impress the large multinationals Miller was courting. Potential customers, such as Volvo Construction Engineering, evaluated suppliers like Miller not just on their just-in-time performance, but on the company’s larger potential to contribute value – earlier in the supply chain, at product planning and design stages.

Elliance Perspective

Elliance understood the need to challenge every imaginable assumption about a family-owned, small-town, rust-belt industrial company.

Show, Don't Tell

First, we looked at Miller from the perspective of their most desired customer's eyes. Next, we compared myth and fact. Repositioning Miller Welding took us back to the first rule of storytelling: show, don't tell. A walk-through tour of the Miller Welding operations revealed layers of impressive talent and technology. Interviews uncovered a craftsman's ethos that ruled both the shop floor and the executive suite. Capturing the industrial scale, technological smarts and human dimension of the company became a high priority.

Elliance Approach

Elliance analyzed Miller Welding's business goals and revamped the site to illustrate their entire range of capabilities. The improved navigation enables visitors to quickly find services, markets served, careers and other sections. These changes help to position Miller Welding as an OEM's single-source provider.

A professional photo shoot captured dynamic images that amplified Miller's ongoing investments in state-of-the-art tools and talent. With its robust virtual tour, the website plays the dual role of a marketing piece and a sales support tool.


The new site generated two new accounts from Web leads in the first 90 days, both projected to be top 10 accounts. One newly added customer said the website was one of the distinguishing factors in doing business with Miller. Another added that the website is how they found the company.

Miller now partners with some of the world's smartest manufacturing companies. The redesign has allowed them to venture into renewable energy applications with a Spanish multi-national. After three generations of smart management, Miller Welding is really taking off.


Miller now partners with some of the world’s smartest manufacturing companies. After three generations of smart management, Miller Welding is really taking off.