While Other Manufacturing Companies Die Out, Miller Welding Grows

August 08, 2007

According to a new report in the 2008 Pennsylvania Manufacturers Register, there are 21,449 less manufacturing jobs in the commonwealth since May 2006. So, how is it that Miller Welding and Machine Company (MWM), a manufacturing company located in Brookville, PA, has added 100 employees in the past year and is continuing to grow? Part of the answer lies in an ongoing commitment to technology.

In the past two years, MWM has invested approximately 10 million dollars in equipment and infrastructure. In addition, they decided to use technology for their marketing purposes. Their revamped Web site, www.millerwelding.com, launched in April 2007 and is already bringing in results.

“Our new site generated two new accounts from Web leads in the first 90 days,” said Eric Miller. “Both accounts are projected to be top 10 accounts in 2008.”

MWM commissioned Elliance, Inc., an award-winning Web design and e-marketing firm, to create the site. Elliance worked with MWM to highlight their company through an online capabilities tour and project showcase of the company’s services. Elliance conducted a professional photo shoot, garnering dynamic images that lend interest to the new site. With the virtual tour, the Web site now plays the dual role of a marketing piece and a sales support tool.

“Many customers weren’t aware of the integrated services MWM provides,” said Abu Noaman, CEO of Elliance. “By revamping the site, Miller Welding could position itself as the original equipment manufacturer’s single-source provider.”

The positive response has been widespread. “One newly added customer told us the Web site was one of the distinguishing factors in doing business with us. They were impressed with how well it was designed and how easily they could understand our services,” said Eric Miller. “Another added that the Web site is how they found us.”

The Web site devotes a section to recruitment – the “Careers at MWM” page provides information on training, employee profiles, job openings and an easy option to apply online.

Three Generations Working Together
MWM founder, David R. Miller, has always had a good sense of how to stay ahead of the competition – the company started out working in the steel industry and later diversified when steel production declined in the United States. At 74, David R. is entrusting his three sons, David K., Brad and Jeff, and his grandson, Eric (27 years old), to continue to grow the company’s success.

Every morning, three generations of the Miller family show up for work. You can find a family member working in accounting, production, procurement, customer service, quality control and many other aspects of the business.

Because the family takes such an active role in every facet of the company, they’re able to ensure the integrity of every product that leaves the shop. The strong work ethic that drove David R. Miller to open this company more than 40 years ago prevails today.

About Miller Welding
In 1962, David R. Miller started the company with a vision to consistently accommodate his customers’ needs. At first, MWM catered to the reconditioning needs of the mining and lumber industries in Western Pennsylvania. MWM was a three-person business in a 2,400 square-foot garage. David R. Miller worked in the shop with his brother Lawrence and his wife Sara did all of the bookkeeping.

In the early 1980s, MWM expanded its reach when it became integrated in the manufacturing industry. By providing customized parts for industries such as construction, plastics, food, material handling, and others, MWM experienced consistent growth for more than 20 years.

Today, MWM has evolved into an integrated single-source company involved in a vast assortment of industrial applications throughout the United States, with more than 400 employees. Over the years there have been many changes at MWM, yet the three generations of family members currently leading the company continue to share the founder's passion for customer service.

MWM is a true American success story – innovation sustained the company, and the family’s collaboration and integrity is helping to grow it today.

About Elliance
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