Pittsburgh Web Site Design Leader, Elliance, Impacts Regional Economic Development

June 11, 2008

Pittsburgh Web site design firm, Elliance® Inc., is committed to making an impact on the region and has recently launched a number of sites for prominent Pittsburgh organizations including the Pittsburgh Glass Center (www.PittsburghGlassCenter.org), Shady Lane School (www.ShadyLane.org) and most recently the Pittsburgh Technology Council (www.PghTech.org). Later this year, Elliance should complete the redesigned Web site they are currently working on for the Phipps Conservatory.

“We have clients across the country but also enjoy working on sites that can impact the quality of life in Pittsburgh,” said Abu Noaman, CEO of Elliance.

Noaman was excited about the unique opportunity to redesign the Pittsburgh Technology Council Web site. As an organization committed to helping technology companies succeed, the Council saw the value in an updated Web site and turned to one of their members, Elliance, to help them.

Perhaps the most important improvement to the Council site is the information architecture. A primary goal in the site redesign was to refocus the site to communicate the value of the Council to its members in order to increase member registration and participation. The Council is both a trade association and an economic development organization, which can result in some confusion when expressing its mission. Elliance shifted the vocabulary from “what we offer” to “how members benefit from what we offer.”

Now the site is directed at three distinct audiences: enterprise companies, growing companies and entrepreneurial companies, addressing the different needs of each group. Navigation is also divided between three distinct member goals, classified as “Make Money,” “Raise Money” and “Save Money” with accompanying member case studies.

The Council helps its members make an impact on the region, and the site expresses this in its design. When the homepage loads, a Pittsburgh skyline icon “grows” on the upper left-hand corner, subtly expressing that the city is active and alive. Also, the new color palate is more vibrant and energetic, with rich greens, yellows and blues making the pages pop.

There is lots of dynamic content on the site so many templates were created so the Council could update the site on their own as needed.

“This site has helped energize those who work at the Tech Council,” said Abu Noaman, CEO of Elliance. “Now they have a resource that showcases all they have to offer.”

The Council hopes the new site will increase membership and participation. While members could register for events with the old site, now they’re more heavily featured on the homepage, sharing equal space with popular services.

About Elliance
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