Pittsburgh SEO Agencies Results Go Live on First-of-Its-Kind Elliance SEO Site

December 05, 2006

Pittsburgh — When it comes to gauging search engine results, all proof lies in the ranking. Pittsburgh eMarketing and search engine optimization Agency Elliance now posts live search results on its newly launched search engine marketing microsite searchengineoptimization.elliance.com

“Claims of performance and return on SEO investment come cheap,” said Elliance Chief Executive Officer Abu Noaman. “We decided that clients deserve to see for themselves whether we deliver the search engine rankings they value so highly.”

Search engine optimization and search engine marketing refer to a wide range of strategies and tools used to boost the rankings a web page or site enjoys on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others.

Organic, PPC, and Mobile Search engine optimization results come in many shapes and sizes. Influencing rankings begins with aligning budgets and business goals. Search fundamentals include optimizing site design and architecture, coding, and keyword/site copy. Further tactical steps include authority linking campaigns, online press releases, and article optimization. But changes in how people search, and how search engines rank demand that results be monitored and fortified constantly.

Elliance provides easy SEO Infographics to help clients understand the key indicators behind search engine optimization results.

“The great convergence between the Web, mobile communication, and other mediums is unfolding,” says Noaman. “Great SEO results belong to those who can anticipate how to best influence rankings, and act quickly to seize an advantage. Anyone will gladly spend your limited search dollars. But only a few will spend them wisely.”

Companies Spending More on Search
A recent Elliance online survey found that firms continue to spend more on all aspects of online marketing, including SEO.

The survey found that 42 percent of respondents expect to sustain or increase their online marketing spending for FY 2007.

“I think we’re at the launch point,” says Noaman. “Marketers may still be working out the perfect formula for how to blend email and search marketing for maximum results. Every company, market and audience is different. But we’re no longer questioning the relevance or potential return on investment for eMarketing spending.”

While etailers formed the leading edge of online marketing more than a decade ago, the 2006 Elliance Survey confirms that the majority of companies deploy emarketing for reasons other than direct ecommerce. Some 68 percent of respondents to the Elliance Survey report that their primary reasons for using online marketing are to generate and qualify sales leads, and to build brand awareness.

SEO Metrics
Unlike other marketing spends, search engine marketing can be tracked at a far more granular level than traditional advertising and promotion. No need to question whether your investment returned sales leads or paying customers.

About Elliance
Elliance is an eMarketing agency specializing in results-driven, web site design, search marketing and outbound eMarketing campaigns. The Agency is the creator of the revolutionary ennect online marketing software toolkit. To learn more about the marketing software toolkit, visit www.ennect.com.

Elliance’s growing list of clients include Maps.com, Black Box, Mellon/Dreyfus, Diebold, Medrad, Carnegie Mellon University, Waterpik Technologies, Readers Digest and others.

During its 12 + years of experience, Cisco, Dell, the eMarketing Association and others have cited Elliance as one of the top innovators in the use of technology to deliver search engine optimization (SEO), ecommerce and emarketing solutions.

Elliance has also been recognized by Business 2.0, Inc. Magazine, the eMarketing Association and the Web Marketing Association amongst others for creation of outstanding interactive web experiences and smart search engine strategies. To learn more about Elliance, visit www.elliance.com or call 888-926-6262.