Pittsburgh Search Marketing Agency, Elliance, Helps American Healthcare Solutions Land Big Deal

April 11, 2008

When people think of googling a business, the first thing that might come to mind is searching for a pizza parlor or a mechanic, but health care organizations and other businesses are searching for partners on the Web more than ever. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a burgeoning tactic to increase your rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, and health care organizations need to jump on the bandwagon or be left in the dust.

American Healthcare Solutions (AHS), a health care consulting firm, discovered there’s a direct correlation between SEO and landing new accounts. Using SEO, AHS has increased traffic to their site, gotten more leads and formalized a recent contract with the esteemed National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) in partnership with Life Science Strategy Group.

“We are extremely proud to have been selected from among some of the most prestigious consulting and health care consulting firms in the United States,” said Jan Jennings, President and CEO of AHS.

Life Science Strategy Group found AHS through a search on Google and, without strategic SEO, the two organizations may have never connected and partnered with NMDP. This substantial contract with NMDP is just one facet of the growth AHS has seen due to SEO.

As a startup, AHS needed a Web site that was professional and positioned them as a major player in the market. In May 2006, Pittsburgh search marketing agency, Elliance, began a complete Web site redesign and SEO campaign for AHS. By optimizing Web pages and news releases for targeted keywords, Elliance was able to boost page rankings and drastically increase traffic to the AHS site, as well as leads.

“We were excited about helping AHS because they really understood the value of search marketing from the beginning,” said Roger Slayton, VP of e-business at Elliance. “AHS came to us with a goal to increase leads and inquiries and we’ve been able to help them reach this goal.”

From June 2006 to March 2008, AHS Web site traffic has increased 514% and search engine referrals have increased 941% as a result of Elliance’s SEO efforts. All 14 key phrases are on the first page of Google, Yahoo and MSN results, with 21 of those #1 rankings. Revenue for SHARP Staffing and Productivity Services, a facet of AHS, has grown 10-fold.

The strategy in optimizing the AHS site was to optimize for broader, more competitive terms (like “healthcare consulting”), to widen the net for those who don’t type in the exact service they’re looking for, as well as optimizing for keywords that cover AHS’ specific service offerings.

Sixty percent of search engine users click on the top three search results. Less than half of all users view page two results and they almost never make it to page three. Position is key – if your company isn’t outranking its competition on search result pages, you’re losing out on business.

Learn more about SEO strategies and Elliance at SEO.Elliance.com.

About American Healthcare Solutions
American Healthcare Solutions is a health care consulting firm singularly focused on the business of hospitals and healthcare organizations. We help our clients improve financial performance, enhance competitive position, and achieve the most productive organizational alignment among medical staff, management, and trustees to optimize overall performance. Find more info at www.americanhs.com.

About Elliance
Elliance is an e-marketing software and services company serving progressive mid-size companies, colleges and universities, and non-profits. Clients served include, AlliedBarton Security Services, Crown Castle, Black Box, Mellon/Dreyfus, HydroWorx, Allegheny Ludlum, Carnegie Mellon University, Waterpik Technologies, Readers Digest and others. During its 14 years of experience, Cisco, Dell, the eMarketing Association and others have cited Elliance as one of the top innovators in the use of technology to deliver search engine optimization (SEO), e-commerce and e-marketing solutions. For more information about Elliance, visit www.Elliance.com.