New York Search Engine Optimization Agency Recognized Nationally for Work with E-card Company

September 09, 2004

Elliance recently worked with Month2Month, a New York City based e-greeting card company, to improve the effectiveness of their website. Shortly after the site was re-launched, usage increased substantially which shows the ideas created and implemented by Elliance hit the mark for Month2Month.

According to Abu Noaman, CEO of Elliance, three key features of this site differentiate it from other e-greeting card sites.

“First, advertisements have been embedded for a clutter-free look. Elliance recommended eliminating the pop-ups and banner ads based on research showing embedded ads are more effective,” explains Noaman. “This enables the Month2Month brand to stand out since it’s not diluted by advertising messages plus, customers can navigate the site without distraction”.

“Second, a unique reminder service was built into the site to deepen the Month2Month brand. Like other e-greeting card sites, Month2Month offers standard features such as remembering birthdays, anniversaries and other special days. Elliance suggested adding a monthly reminder service to provide customers with a meaningful, interactive way to remember the brand,” says Noaman.

Third, the logo was created to reflect the quirky humor of the cards. Noaman adds that, “the playful look of the site reflects this unique genre of the cards.”

Elliance used Microsoft.NET to create the site and designed it to support the expected volume increase.

Elliance, known as a leader in search engine optimization, eCommerce and database integration, has worked with numerous companies in the New York area. Amphenol Corporation, Ameritrade, Reader’s Digest and Zinsser have all partnered with Elliance for custom Internet solutions. In its 10+ years of business, Elliance has been recognized by Business 2.0, Inc. Magazine, the eMarketing Association and the Web Marketing Association amongst others for the creation of outstanding interactive web experiences and smart search engine optimization strategies.

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