New Pittsburgh Glass Center Website Showcases Art

November 08, 2007

This has been called the Year of Glass, since many cultural events throughout the city are featuring glass exhibits. So, it’s the perfect time for the Pittsburgh Glass Center to launch their new website,

“The Glass Center has a lot to offer,” says Elliance vice president of e-business, Roger Slayton, who joined the PGC board a year and a half ago. “We saw a lot of potential, and wanted to help them by giving them a new site to showcase their world-class glass center and encourage involvement from the community.”

Elliance’s goal was to help PGC fully express who they are. They are a great organization, but weren’t telling their whole story on the Web. Elliance aimed to present PGC’s first-rate equipment, artists and teachers to establish the PGC as a world-class organization.

A highlight of the site is the visual representation of the center. Visitors can browse vibrant slideshows, to get a feel for PGC. Each section of the site has a corresponding slideshow, whether they depict classes, artists or artwork.

Another key aspect of the new site is the information architecture, which makes the site much easier to navigate, and access information of interest. The redesigned site acts as a resource for glass enthusiasts and those just starting to learn about the art form. The site makes it easier to donate to the PGC, find shops offering glass around town, attend events, visit Pittsburgh glass galleries and sign up for classes.

Elliance donated their time to create the site, while part of the project was funded through a private donation. Elliance continually looks at opportunities to make charitable contributions to the community. In past years, Elliance has donated time to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance, among others.

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