Marketing Heroes Campaign Wins International Acclaim

April 08, 2005

Pittsburgh, PA -- April 7, 2005 - Just as Clark Kent would use a phone booth to go from an ordinary mortal to a superhero, marketers across the country are turning to the Internet to achieve heroic results for their companies.

By using online marketing tools to work smarter, these marketers have been featured in a monthly newsletter published by Elliance, a Pittsburgh-based eMarketing firm.

Elliance recently received a bronze award from the 2005 Horizon Interactive Awards for this marketing hero campaign. This international competition was started four years ago to recognize excellence in interactive media production among multi-media developers worldwide.

In the email advertising category, Elliance was recognized for the monthly Marketing Heroes newsletter they created for their ennect brand of online marketing tools. This free eNewsletter was started six months ago as a way to provide clients with practical ways they can incorporate eMarketing into their overall marketing efforts.

Each newsletter showcases ordinary marketing professionals who have found extraordinary success with ennect tools, plus tips and trends to help a company get the most out of their online marketing efforts.

"So many of our clients were using innovative and creative ways to reach their customers via our ennect tools," explains Abu Noaman, CEO of Elliance. "We decided to pick one client every month and explain how our tools helped this person's marketing efforts because others can then learn from that hero's experience."

Clients from the Pittsburgh area who have been featured as a marketing hero include Chris Anderson, director of marketing for Tele-Tracking Technologies, Inc and Marilyn Kail, assistant vice president of marketing communications for Carnegie Mellon University.

Noaman laughs when asked why the company uses the word hero when referring to these interviews. "It started as a bit of an internal joke and just stuck. When someone would come up with a great idea, we'd often say, "you're my hero!" We thought it would be a fun way to honor our clients."

After the newsletter was established, the company created The Marketing Hero's Handbook, which is filled with ideas to help an organization increase sales, build relationships and create buzz. Excerpts from this booklet are being printed in the first three issues of this year's Dynamic Business Magazine.

The company has distributed this booklet at workshops they've presented throughout the country. Most recently, Elliance has given presentations for the Pennsylvania Small Manufacturing Council (SMC), the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce and the Academy of Medicine.

"While we joke about becoming a hero, we realize every industry has specific nuances that are forcing them to find ways to work more efficiently," adds Noaman. "For small to medium sized businesses, this is actually very serious. Used properly, technology can help move a business to the next level."

The idea for the ennect brand came from Elliance's work with major corporations. Cisco Systems,, Mellon Financial Corporation, WaterPik and Reader's Digest have turned to Elliance for web solutions. Elliance itself has less than 20 employees, which provides first-hand insights into the needs of other small companies.

"A small or medium sized company is just as concerned with the return on investment and metrics as a large company is, even if they might not be able to afford custom software, says Noaman. "We created a scaled-down version of what works for large corporations at an affordable price for smaller firms."

Noaman believes this award validates the importance of online marketing.

"It tells us that our hunch was right on target," adds the CEO.

The 2005 Horizon Interactive Awards received hundreds of entries from 15 countries including: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom and nearly all 50 US states. A panel of judges, who consisted of various industry professionals with diverse backgrounds, evaluated 11 different categories. The 2005 award winning entries showcase the best developed web sites, cd-roms, dvds, audio, video, kiosks, video games and other interactive media.

"We are continually amazed at the creativity and imagination of the designers and developers who enter the competition. The winners in the 2005 competition demonstrated an effective blend between technical excellence and artistic style on a new level," said Mike Sauce, president of the Horizon Interactive Awards. "The winners this year have utilized the electronic mediums with real purpose and style, many times pushing the envelope for innovative solutions that deliver real value to their clients and end-users.

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