Free Higher Education Marketing Webinar for Liberal Arts Enrollment

February 17, 2012

How are liberal arts colleges positioning themselves for enrollment growth, despite challenges from for-profit schools, changing demographics and questions regarding the relevance of liberal arts education in today’s economy? Those are a few of the higher education marketing questions to be answered in the free webinar, "Liberal Arts Under Pressure: How Digital Marketing Can Help You Beat the Odds & Enroll More ‘Right Fit’ Students," at 2 p.m. ET, March 8, 2012.

This webinar, hosted by Elliance, will explore how digital higher education marketing practices are transforming the educational landscape and enabling colleges to build enrollment, expand geographic reach and raise awareness of key programs despite demographic, economic and cultural challenges. The webinar is tailored to address the needs and challenges of liberal arts colleges and their programs.

"Liberal arts institutions may feel that they’re under siege," explained Abu Noaman, Elliance's CEO. "But future-minded colleges are finding ways to grow enrollment and brand identity by investing in strategic marketing initiatives that offer strong returns.”

Elliance has helped colleges and universities throughout the country with their higher education marketing needs. This webinar will combine industry insights with an informative case study to highlight ways to attract more “right fit” students, raise awareness of key programs and out-recruit regional and national competitors.

There is no charge for this webinar but participants must register in advance. To learn more, visit

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