Ennect Event Registration Tool Helps Ease University Student Recruitment Crisis

September 07, 2006

The Internet is not only changing how college and graduate students earn a degree but it’s also increasing competition for applicants. Not only are traditional colleges and universities competing against each other, but they also face increasing threats from online programs and for-profit universities in their quest to recruit students.

"Whenever I speak at conferences and seminars for education, university administrators approach me afterwards with specific questions regarding using the Internet to attract potential students," explained Abu Noaman, CEO of Elliance.

Noaman will address the 17th annual Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education, November 5 –8, 2006 in New Orleans on how universities can use eMarketing for student recruitment.

Take a look at the research and it’s easy to see why colleges and universities are starting to take their recruitment efforts online.

In 2004, the number of students enrolled in online programs reached 2.35 million, said a 2005 online survey from The Sloan Consortium, a group of organizations and institutions dedicated to quality online education. The survey also reports that online learners continue to increase at an average of 360,000 per year.

Online degree programs – like anything involving the Internet – are indeed very popular. That’s why innovative colleges and universities are tapping into America’s love for the Internet for recruitment purposes.

Web based event management tools, which handle event planning, registration and management, can not only save time and money, but ignite a positive push toward helping colleges and universities reach their recruitment goals.

Take for example a group of six universities in Georgia – Emory University, Kennesaw State University, Mercer University, The University of Georgia, Georgia State University, and the Georgia Institute of Technology. These institutions are using ennectEvent, a web-based event management tool, to invite students to a joint program for MBA recruiting. Instead of competing against one another, these universities use the Internet to develop a joint marketing approach to elevate awareness of their executive MBA programs. The goal of this unique approach is to positively impact student recruitment in the form of more executive MBA applicants.

Twice a year, these six universities in Atlanta combine forces to present the Discover the Executive Masters in Business Administration Event. Radio commercials are used to generate interest for the event and drive potential students to a web site for registration.

By using the ennectEvent online event management tool, the universities can activate, deactivate and later reactivate the site as needed. Not only does this tool save university resources, it also compiles email addresses of all the prospective students, which can be used for future marketing efforts. Click here for more information on ennect’s event management software.

Yes, tools like ennectEvent save a university time and money. In the eyes of a student, however, it also sends a message that the college is savvy enough to contact them in their preferred manner of communication.


About ennect

ennect is a revolutionary online marketing tool suite created by Elliance, Inc. that gives users access to four vital emarketing tools: ennectMail, ennectEvent, ennectSurvey, ennectSweeps. The ennect suite won Cisco’s Growing with Technology Award in 2005 and earned Elliance the distinction of being a finalist for Dell’s Excellence in Innovation Award for the innovative use of technology. In 2006, ennect received an endorsement from About.com of 4.5 out of 5 stars.