Elliance Uses Manufacturing Marketing Expertise to Create International Website for Aerotech

May 01, 2014


Elliance, a digital marketing agency with decades of manufacturing marketing experience, has launched a German website for Aerotech, a leader in precision motion controls. This website follows the same navigation and templates for the American version of the website Elliance created in 2012.

Since they do business across the globe, Aerotech saw the value in creating websites in different languages but they discovered it’s much more involved than simply translating the language.

"We looked at a number of different ways to create the Aerotech German website and decided Elliance was the best company to partner with for the job. In part, this was because they knew how the website was originally built," explained Steve McLane, Aerotech’s Corporate Marketing Administration Manager. "We are impressed with the level of service Elliance provides and how they manage every step of the process."

Elliance wanted to create the easiest way for Aerotech to simultaneously update the content on both websites so they created a separate search module for each country in the content management system (CMS). This means Aerotech can login to one place and easily make changes across both websites.

AerotechQuoteIn addition, Elliance customized the CMS system to make it easier to coordinate translations with their outside translation service, Advanced Language Translation. Knowing that Aerotech intends to produce other international websites, Elliance implemented technical modifications to support multiple international websites.

“The original website had complex add-ons like a complex product catalog and SEO which made this rather complex,” said Elliance’s CEO Abu Noaman. “We’re proud that this website achieves all their current objectives plus meets their needs as they continue to add other international websites.”

The American version of this website was named Best in Class in the Interactive Media Awards' manufacturing category in 2013. Click here to visit their German website and click here to visit their English website.

About Aerotech
Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Aerotech designs and manufactures motion control and positioning systems for customers in a wide range of industries. Aerotech has subsidiaries in Europe and Asia and is known for its technically superior components, high performance sub-assemblies, and best-in-class motion components. Learn more about the company by calling 412-963-7470.

About Elliance
Elliance is a digital marketing agency specializing in demand generation with website design, search engine marketing, social media, web and mobile development. Manufacturing clients that have turned to Elliance for assistance with their digital marketing efforts include, Chromalox, Bush Furniture, Miller Welding, Black Box, Sophisticated Alloys, and many others. Learn more about the company and its services at or call 888-926-6262.