Elliance To Help Pittsburgh Attract Knowledge Workers

January 09, 2003

The Pittsburgh Regional Alliance (PRA) has selected Elliance, a Pennsylvania web site design company, to develop a multimedia presentation designed to assist employers as they attract talented young people to Southwestern Pennsylvania.

"We're very excited about this multimedia presentation because it will allow us to showcase some of the assets and amenities that the Pittsburgh region offers young individuals who are looking to start or advance their careers," said Kurt Foreman, PRA Senior Vice President, Existing Business Services. "We've learned that all too often many people have been reluctant to accept jobs here because they maintain outdated perceptions of the region. But this presentation will help overcome a lot of the myths about Southwestern Pennsylvania."

Elliance will work with the PRA to create an Interactive CD-ROM and companion website that will showcase the region and compel candidates to consider job opportunities in this area through the use of a persuasive narrative and innovative technology. The CD-ROM and website will provide a visually rich, interactive presentation that engages the viewer with emotions and personal identification with the people of the region to help overcome an outdated or stereotypical image. As a transplant to the Pittsburgh region, Elliance vice president of eBusiness Roger Slayton "looks forward to working with the PRA to bring more talent to this region and enhance our image. Pittsburgh is a thriving business community and we are pleased to be a part of this exciting project. "

The companion website will also serve as a "gateway" to the sites of regional employers, attractions, universities and other assets to help provide a stronger recruitment vehicle for attracting talented workers to the region.

The PRA is planning a summer launch of this multimedia product to regional businesses and organizations.

The Pittsburgh Regional Alliance works in concert with numerous public, private and civic organizations to create a customer-oriented, effective system to foster business creation, expansion and relocation, and to aid in the growth of the pool of skilled talent.

The PRA was formed in 1995 and represents the 10-county region of Southwestern Pennsylvania. For comprehensive business profiles, opportunities and data and demographic information, log on to www.pittsburghregion.org, or call the Business Resource Center at (877) 392-1300.

Elliance is a Pennsylvania web site design company with extensive experience in search engine optimization, eCommerce development and eMarketing. Cisco, Reader�s Digest, Respironics, Mellon Financial Corporation, Allegheny Technologies, Inc., Ameritrade and the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance, are just a few of the companies who have partnered with Elliance. In its 10+ years of business, Elliance has been recognized by Business 2.0, Inc. Magazine, the eMarketing Association and the Web Marketing Association amongst others for the creation of outstanding interactive web experiences and smart search engine strategies.