Elliance Ranks High on Topppc.com list of Companies

November 04, 2013

TopPPCLogoTopppc.com has ranked Elliance, a Pittsburgh-based digital marketing agency, as the number 59th PPC management companies for the month of October 2013.

This independent authority on paid search marketing vendors uses an independent research team to determine the top pay per click (PPC) management firms. According to Topppc.com, the five areas of evaluation used to determine the best consultants include, automation, CPA minimization, campaign analysis, keyword selection, and create effective ads.

Elliance was the only company from Pittsburgh to be ranked among the top 100 pay per click companies.

“We’ve been working with more and more clients to create and execute complete inbound marketing campaigns,” explains Abu Noaman, Elliance’s CEO. “Paid advertising is an essential part of that strategy.”

Inbound marketing is a relatively new term used to describe all of the online efforts that prompt a person to visit a company’s website. In addition to PPC, other components of inbound marketing include an assortment of relevant and high quality content, such as social media posts, blog posts, videos, infographics and white papers.

When Google changed their algorithm last year, it prompted the need for inbound marketing.

About topppcs.com

Topppcs.com is the independent authority on paid search vendors. Their primary objective is to assist businesses and clients of paid search services in making purchasing decisions from the top companies and software vendors in the industry.

They provide rankings and recommendations of paid search providers based on merit with no partiality attached to the recommendation. This is accomplished through their proprietary research methodology, access to a variety of research channels within the online marketing industry, and through client references and testimonials. Their research team prides themselves on producing an accurate depiction of the top performing paid search companies through professional reviews and evaluations provided by their independent research team.

About Elliance

Elliance, a Pittsburgh-based digital marketing agency specializes in results-driven branding, website design and development, integrated inbound marketing and paid advertising campaigns. Elliance ignites demand, orchestrates conversions, invigorates brand and secures an unfair advantage with marketing solutions for progressive brands in higher education, manufacturing, banking and non-profits.