Elliance Launches Responsive Website for Carnegie Mellon’s University Magazine

February 06, 2014

Elliance, a digital marketing agency, just launched a responsive website for Carnegie Mellon University’s quarterly magazine, Carnegie Mellon Today. Now, they can upload the content one time and it will be accessible from any device with a browser.

Responsive web design was created so a person can visit a website from a computer, a phone or a tablet and the website automatically changes its resolution, image size and scripting abilities to respond to the device the person is using.

Just a few years ago, it was routine to create a mobile version for a website, however, the explosion of new devices makes it impossible to make a version for every type of phone, computer and tablet.

Currently, 20 percent of Carnegie Mellon Today’s web traffic comes from tablets and phones and if current trends are any indication that number will certainly increase. According to an eMarketer report from January 2014, worldwide mobile device usage is projected to rise from 61.1 percent to 69.4 percent between 2013 and 2017.

When Elliance created the template for Carnegie Mellon Today in 2004, it was built so the data and design were layered separately.

“Best practices dictate separating the data layer from the visuals, so that’s how Elliance always builds websites,” explains Elliance’s CEO Abu Noaman.  “This allowed us to make the site responsive in just three months. If the data and the design would have been fused together, it would have taken six to nine months.”

With eight locations across the globe, Carnegie Mellon truly is a global brand. The variety of devices outside of the United States is enormous; some estimate there are 3,000 different types of devices around the world.  As more and more people visit websites from a phone or tablet, the value of a responsive website will increase.

About Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon is a private, internationally ranked research university with programs in areas ranging from science, technology and business, to public policy, the humanities and the arts. More than 12,000 students in the university's seven schools and colleges benefit from a small student-to-faculty ratio and an education characterized by its focus on creating and implementing solutions for real problems, interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation.

A global university, Carnegie Mellon's main campus in the United States is in Pittsburgh, Pa. It has campuses in California's Silicon Valley and Qatar, and programs in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and Mexico.

About Elliance

Elliance, a Pittsburgh-based digital marketing agency specializes in results-driven branding, website design and development, integrated inbound marketing and paid advertising campaigns. Elliance ignites demand, orchestrates conversions, invigorates brand and secures an unfair advantage with marketing solutions for progressive brands in higher education, manufacturing, banking and non-profits.