Elliance Launches Inbound Marketing Resource for Higher Education Marketers and Enrollment Managers

February 24, 2014

FlashcardsThe ever-changing world of digital marketing, combined with declining demographics, has created a perplexing time for those working in higher education enrollment and marketing. To help marketers keep up with these changes, Elliance created "Inbound Marketing Flashcards, a Full Deck of Insight".

This free resource, the first of its kind, is an easy way for higher education professionals to keep up-to-date with the most innovative ways to attract more right-fit students.

Since inbound marketing is a relatively new concept, this website serves as a primer to show all the components in an easy-to-use format. It includes five sections; audiences, strategies, tactics, tools and ROI, so those working in higher education marketing can understand how inbound marketing works.

The Inbound Marketing Flashcards cover such topics as, how and why colleges should create audience personas, why storytelling should be used in marketing materials and why analytics are one of the most powerful tools in an inbound marketer’s toolbox.

In the past, universities would market to the masses; purchase lists of thousands of potential students, use billboards, commercials and direct mail. Inbound marketing is a more personalized approach and it turns marketing into more of a match-making game instead of a numbers game. By sharing valuable content with potential students, the potential students learn the brand essence of the college.

"Inbound marketing addresses three key factors of the admissions funnel," explains Abu Noaman, CEO of Elliance. "First, it brings more right-fit prospective students to your website. Second, these prospective students are more likely to apply and enroll. Third, schools will have a better chance at retaining these students."

The growth of inbound marketing started when Google changed their algorithms. Suddenly, everything marketers knew about being found on the web changed; enter inbound marketing. By continuously creating relevant and high quality content, such as social posts, blog posts, videos, infographics and white papers, the content creates strong, authentic connections with prospective students. All of this content draws people to a website, hence the name inbound marketing.

"We will continue to add new flashcards as the industry evolves," Noaman adds.

About Elliance

Elliance, a Pittsburgh-based marketing agency specializes in branding, results-driven web sites, marketing and enrollment campaigns. A few of the colleges and universities that have turned to Elliance for assistance with their higher education marketing efforts include Saint Leo University, Carnegie Mellon University, St. Edward’s University, Appalachian Bible College, St. Norbert College, Pepperdine University, University of Pittsburgh, and many others.