Elliance CEO Will Address Higher Education Marketing Issues at CASE Conference

January 19, 2007

Pittsburgh — In higher education marketing and recruitment, the center of persuasion has shifted from the curbside mailbox or guidance counselor’s office to the email inbox, IM screen, RSS subscription feed and social network portal.

So, given this new admissions reality, how should colleges and universities be spending emarketing dollars, and to what end?

“Many deans and admissions marketing professionals feel like they’ve slipped into the driver’s seat on the Starship Enterprise," says Elliance Chief Executive Officer Abu Noaman. "It’s hard to know what button to push first.”

Noaman will deliver a presentation titled Using Online Marketing Strategies to Jumpstart Applications at the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Meeting of the Minds Conference, in New York City, NY February 10-13, 2007.

The CASE audience will include enrollment and marketing professionals from the nation’s leading college and universities. “We have more and more emarketing tools at our disposal," says Noaman. "And, yet, deploying them wisely requires us to separate good data from bad, and hunch from hard evidence.”

Noaman will be joined by Andrew Wasser, Associate Dean, Heinz School, Carnegie Mellon University. Their joint presentation will explain the power of integrating web site architecture, search engine optimization and emarketing.

The Elliance Approach
Noaman and Wasser will explain how the redesign of the Heinz School’s Master of Information Systems Management web site began with research into what prospective students wanted most. That knowledge informed every aspect of the web site design and search engine marketing and optimization.

“Elliance has shown that the advanced marketing practices applied in B-2-B and consumer goods sectors has relevance for the higher education market,” says Wasser. “Those interested in using the web to increase the number of applicants to their particular college or university will walk away from this session with what they need to get results.”

ennect & Higher Education
Noaman will also review how colleges and universities are making scarce emarketing dollars do more with less staff using the ennect suite of tools: ennectMail, ennectSurvey, ennectEvent, and ennectSweeps.

Specifically, Noaman will show how a group of six universities in Georgia use the web-based event management software ennectEvent to facilitate a joint program for MBA recruiting.

To learn more about the ennect marketing software toolkit, visit www.ennect.com.

About Elliance
Elliance is an eMarketing firm specializing in results-driven, web site design, search marketing and outbound eMarketing campaigns. The firm is the creator of the revolutionary ennect emarketing toolkit.

Elliance distinguishes itself from most emarketing firms by delivering three core capabilities: search marketing, web design, eMarketing software.

While clients may begin a relationship with Elliance through any one of these channels, their competitive advantage lies in deploying our proprietary tools and in-house talents in unique combinations. Together, these integrated services give clients an unmatched customer acquisition, conversion, retention and service platform.

During its 12 + years of experience, Cisco, Dell, the eMarketing Association and others have cited Elliance as one of the top innovators in the use of technology to deliver search engine optimization (SEO), ecommerce and emarketing solutions.

Elliance has also been recognized by Business 2.0, Inc. Magazine, the eMarketing Association and the Web Marketing Association amongst others for creation of outstanding interactive web experiences and smart search engine strategies. To learn more about Elliance, visit www.elliance.com or call 888-926-6262.