Cisco Picks Elliance Over Maritz to Evaluate SMB Loyalty

October 23, 2003

When Cisco, the world leader in network hardware and software, wanted a partner to help them increase market share in the small and medium sized business (SMB) market, a Google search lead them to Elliance.

“Elliance caught their attention by being the number one listing for loyalty programs on Google,” says Abu Noaman, CEO of Elliance.

That got them invited to pitch for the business. However, it was Elliance’s fresh approach and creative customer loyalty strategies that landed them the job.

Cisco challenged Elliance and Maritz, the nation’s leading loyalty marketing company, to develop a plan to expand their presence and retention into the SMB markets. Both companies suggested interviewing existing Cisco customers.

“We took the research to the next level by also suggesting focus groups with non-customers and channel partners,” says Noaman. “In addition, Elliance impressed Cisco by suggesting potential programs to be evaluated.”

Another factor in Elliance’s favor was their working relationships with the type of companies Cisco was targeting. “Elliance has deep insights into the SMB market which made us a natural fit for Cisco,” adds Noaman.

Elliance provides eMarketing tools and services that help clients attract, engage and retain customers. It's considered an industry leader in search engine optimization and eCommerce development. In its 10+ years of business, Elliance has been recognized by Business 2.0, Inc. Magazine, the eMarketing Association and the Web Marketing Association amongst others for creation of outstanding interactive web experiences and smart search engine strategies.

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