Bank Web Site Search Engine Optimization Agency, Elliance, Advises America’s Bankers on How to Seize Prime Location on Web’s Endless Main Street

September 15, 2006

Pittsburgh—Finding a neighborhood bank used to be as easy as taking a walk down Main Street. But in an age of online banking, and tough competition for search engine rankings, bankers are scrambling to stay close to a growing majority of web-savvy customers.

In the September issue of ABA Bank Marketing, Elliance Chief Executive Officer Abu Noaman explains how in the current climate, bank marketing hinges on successful bank web site optimization.

“Search engine rankings matter just as much as brick and mortar locations,” CEO Noaman says. “Each complements the other. The difference is your branches will be in the same spot every day. Achieving and maintaining search rankings requires ongoing bank web site optimization.

An April, 2006, Search Insider report, (“How America Searches: Financial Products and Services,”) found that U.S. Internet users searching for financial products and services online have an annual household income of $50,000 or more. In addition, this report found that 74 percent of these respondents say they have either “excellent” or “good” credit and the most popular products and services searched for include credit cards and mortgages. The study also found that when financial consumers go online they look for what they want, not a particular bank.

“Bank customers want local service and support, but they often search using specific products or service terms, not locations or brands,” CEO Noaman says. “Good bank web site optimization must know, in great detail, the search habits of bank customers.”

Elliance has worked with a number of banks and financial service companies, including Ameritrade, Citizens Banking Company, Dollar Bank, First Commonwealth Financial and PNC Mezzanine Capital.

Noaman explains the various components of bank web site optimization, including pay-per-click and organic rankings, and the new emphasis search engines such as Google and Yahoo place on local and regional search tactics, and the role it plays in an overall bank marketing plan.

The bank web site optimization article reached an ABA Bank Marketing’s influential audience of banking decision makers. The journal is published by The American Bankers Association, the largest banking trade association in the country.

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