Higher Education Enrollment.

Enrollment Marketing: Lead Generation in the Digital Age.

Undergraduate Students


Digital has changed everything. Traditional student search is almost dead. Imaginative strategies for improving admissions yield are being devised every day. Creating conditions for prospects to raise their hand first, influencing the influencers, and stealth apps are the new normal. Elliance helps colleges find the right-fit students who will ultimately become loyal ambassadors and donors.

Adult & Graduate Students


Elliance has deep experience serving these special audiences. We know how to calibrate the messaging between learning and advancement, what keywords perform best and optimal combination of inbound marketing and paid advertising to attract the right-fit students. Let’s discuss.

Online Students


With publicly traded for-profit colleges spending billions of dollars, how can non-profit colleges compete? Elliance will lead you to the promised land by concentrating resources, smarter geo-targeting, orchestrating inbound plus paid strategies, and timely follow-up.

International Students


Founded by a former international student, Elliance knows the science and art of attracting International students. It takes a lot more than contests, search engine rankings, social media, and microsites. It takes orchestration and paying attention to details at every touch point.

Higher Education Case studies

More Proof

Pursuit of the “right-fit”

St. Edward's University

Challenged by declining applicants and students in the graduate school, St. Edward's University turned to Elliance. We created landing pages and ran a paid-advertising program, both of which told a story that resonated with the right-fit students.

Acquiring the holy grail of higher education

Concordia University

Can the most elusive adult audience in higher education be motivated to raise their hands on the web? Absolutely. By ensuring that carefully written “you-can-do-it” messages appear on search engines when the reluctant adult students are exploring their options.

Become the unquestioned market leader

Heinz School at Carnegie Mellon

Heinz School at Carnegie Mellon University reversed a four-year enrollment decline, increased enrollment by 118%, raised student quality and became the unquestioned market leader for IT Leadership.

Higher Education Clients Served

  • Appalachian Bible College
  • Assumption College
  • Bryant University
  • Concordia University Irvine
  • Manchester Busines School
  • North Central College

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